SQL Advanced


Learn to use the advanced features of SQL, develop your knowledge of writing SQL scripts to manage data stored in a relational database.

1 Day

We assume you have a basic understanding of SQL SELECT statements.

Course Contents

SQL Scripts

  • Good practice when writing SQL queries
  • Exploring the templates and stored procedures available in SSMS
  • Saving script files v saving stored procedures
  • Using Parameterised queries

Advanced SQL SELECT statements

  • Recap on writing JOIN statements and column and table aliases
  • ISNULL() function v IS NULL criterion
  • Useful string, date and convert functions
  • Aggregate functions
  • Group by clause including rollup
  • IF and CASE
  • UNION queries

Transaction Control

  • Working with INSERT
  • Working with UPDATE
  • Working with DELETE
  • Creating computed columns
  • Using Begin transactions with Commit and Rollback
  • Simple error trapping

Sub Queries and Window Functions

  • Writing sub queries
  • Over() and Over(Partition by)
  • Row() v Rank()

Managing Views

  • Creating a view
  • Selecting data using a view
  • Altering and dropping views

Stored Procedures

  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Advantages of Stored Procedures
  • Creating and Using Stored Procedures
  • Dealing with an INSERT
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