Excel Lunch and Learn


A new style of training, we come to you and in 2 hours we boost your skills and build confindence using Microsoft Excel


You should have a good understanding of creating and navigating workbooks, entering and editing data.

Course Contents


  • Custom Views
  • Applying Boarders
  • Conditional Formatting

Data entry and editing

  • Filling Data
  • Special Pasting
  • Filtering Data
  • Worksheet Tables
  • Dropdown menu’s for data validation
  • Text to columns

Formula Shortcuts

  • Formulas and Functions
  • Using conditional counting, SUMIF and CONCATENATE Functions.
  • Absolute references

Productivity Tips

Our top tips and more ...

  • Working with text
    - removing spaces
    - work with proper names
    - text to columns
  • Finding duplicates
  • Sequences
  • Flash Fill
  • GoTo Special
    - highlight formulas etc
    - removing blank rows
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