Clinical Supervision Mobile App

ChilledWeb Clinical Supervision

Supporting NHS staff in their personal and professional development and in reflecting on their practice!

Our mobile app makes it easy and quick to promote critical reflection and have a positive impact on your employees emotional well-being.

Clinical Supervision can help your staff to manage the personal and professional demands created by the nature of their work. Clinical supervision provides an environment in which they can explore their own personal and emotional reactions to their work.

Clinical Supervision allows your staff to reflect on and challenge their own practice in a safe and confidential environment.

Clinical Supervision can be part of their professional development and help to identify developmental needs.

Our mobile app allows you to track and report on Clinical Supervision quickly and effectively.

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  • Compliance: How many staff have completed Clinical Supervision this period?
  • Delinquent: How many staff have NOT completed Clinical Supervision this period?
  • Reflection: How many staff have reflected on their Clinical Supervision this period?
  • Export: Export data to Microsoft Excel for deeper analysis.

Here is an example of the reporting available:

  • Number of staff that have complete Clinical Supervision each month.
  • Number of staff that have completed Clinical Supervision with reflection each month.
  • View (monthly) how Clinical Supervision is taking place (face-to-face/webex/over the phone).
  • View (monthly) what method is taking place (Individual 1-2-1 / Peer / Group).
  • View (monthly) reasons why Clinical Supervision activity is not taking place.

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