Managing Websites Without Experience

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Companies that don’t manage their online presence effectively quickly find that their employees become frustrated with disparate information and problems sharing content. Worst still, customers are confused as they are flooded with mixed messages and disconnected, confusing websites.

Content Management Systems

Our customers are looking for a low-cost, unified platform that is capable of delivering high availability websites yet can be updated, managed and maintained by a novice (or a group of). Our customers are looking for a solution that will enable them to coordinate delivery of their content and yet keep their costs under control!

Our selection of Content Management Systems are flexible and scalable to meet both current requirements and future growth opportunities.

How Do ChilledWeb Deliver?

We deliver an integrated platform that can manage a content-rich web environment for your customers. By using projects like Drupal we are able to deliver this at considerably lower costs than proprietary or customer-built solutions.

Our solutions rely on a modular architecture so we can dynamically adapt your web environment to a wide variety of business solutions. Delivering a scalable content infrastructure.

In addition all our solutions are safe and secure and employ an underlying security model for determining user authentication, access rights, and permissions.

What Does This Mean To Me?

Security is a major concern with all software. At ChilledWeb we take security seriously and ensure that all our solutions are maintained to the highest industry security standards.

Future development is also a concern for many customers. ChilledWeb are committed to only those projects that have been well established and have a wide and secure customer base (see below for some examples). In addition ChilledWeb fully back the products we use and take an active role in help develop the product and the community. Our developers write code, help users and solve problems and take an active role in all the products we distribute.

Who Use These Products?

  • The Economist Universal Music Fox Nike
  • The Whitehouse ... misc US government sites FedEx Symantec
  • Greenpeace The World Wildlife Fund Led Zeplin Beyoncé

.. and of course our customers, including the NHS

Calculating The ChilledWeb Difference

ChilledWeb support diverse web solutions. With our modular infrastructure and attention to all things content-related, we combine an easily extensible platform with a broad set of content services to rapidly assemble a compelling web presence for our customers.

ChilledWeb solutions help reduce costs while optimising ongoing management, maintenance, and support investments.

Working with ChilledWeb can help you capitalise on the continuing opportunities for doing business in today’s digitally driven economy.