SSL Certificates

chilledweb ssl certificatesAt ChilledWeb, security is a major priority for us. All our Website/Hosting customers receive FREE SSL certificates to protect their online presence while they are customers with us!

SSL certificates are essential for a secure Internet, they protect your sensitive information as it travels across Internet.

A ChilledWeb SSL certificate is essential for protecting your website. Our customers use them even if they don't handle sensitive information. They provide privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your website and your users.

SSL Certificates demonstrate Trust

Web browsers give your Users a visual indicator (a lock icon or a green bar), to demonstrate to your Users that their connection is secure. This instills a feeling of trust and as such, Users are more likely to browse your website or purchase from your eCommerce store.

Browsers not supporting un-Secure

Most major web browsers are dropping support for Websites that are not secure and are displaying a "not secure" message to Users. This is to encourage use of SSL certificates. ChilledWeb are supporting this adoption by offering a wide range of Trusted SSL certificates at very competitive rates.

Benefits of using SSL Certificates

The use of SSL certificates is becoming an absolute necessity do to changes in Web Browser behaviour and User perception. Further, using an SSL certificate has the following benefits:

  • Trust: If users see the visual queues mentioned above, they are far more likely to give you their business and revisit your site again in the future.
  • Protect: Every piece of your data is encrypted and helps protect you from hackers.
  • Identity: When you apply for an SSL Certificate from us we work to verify the identity of your business. Proving to your Customers that you are who you say you are.
  • Google: Various studies have confirmed that sites like Google rank secure sites higher than non-secure sites.
  • PCI: If your business accepts credit card payments, having an SSL certificate is one of the mandatory requirements set out by the PCI (payment card industry).