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When the UK leaves the EU, we must embrace the challenges that this decision will bring.

The government has set out the details of various options, depending on the nature of the deal we strike with the EU, and has made them available to the public on the “Prepare for EU Exit” website.

ChilledWeb have investigated these options and are able to offer various options to our customers.

Including the offer of migrating customer data to an alternate ChilledWeb datacenter either in or out of the EU (contact your ChilledWeb account manager for more details).

ChilledWeb regularly transfer data and traffic both inside and outside the EU, as such we are already well versed in the necessary procedures. Further, ChilledWeb have a presence and can provide our full suite of services in the UK, Europe (Republic of Ireland & Germany) and across the United States.

Some considerations for our Customers

Domain Names

It is anticipated that the .eu domain name will no longer be made available to UK businesses. A ruling on those businesses already holding a .eu domain name will likely be made in the future.

Personal Data

The UK will initially adopt the GDPR, and it will retain those laws for now. It is expected that the UK will decide which EU laws to drop. So as we progress through the transition it is reasonable to assume that data protection laws between the UK and the EU may slip out of sync.

Cookie warnings

Currently UK business are required by EU law to provide a cookie pop-up outlining exactly how they use the data. Some have speculated that this could be removed, however any UK business providing services to EU internet users would still need to meet this requirement. So this remains an important policy to maintain.

What ever the future holds, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that ChilledWeb have the Global infrastructure already in place to support a post-Brexit business model.